Nothing tastes as good as a farm-fresh egg especially when you raise the chickens

At Honeybadger Farms, we believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility, so we have built our animal housing from mostly repurposed and recycled materials.  By constructing hugelkulturs, swales, and plant guilds through permaculture practices, we are attempting to wisely harness the water       Mother Nature can provide.


Our Farm

It does not take hundreds of acres to create a successful self-sustained home farm.  In fact, with a little ingenuity, good planning, and utilizing the resources around you, it is possible to reap a bounty bigger than you ever imagined.  

Our Farm 

Our Poultry

Honeybadger Farms focuses on a few rare breeds of chickens including Lavender Orpington, Sulmtaler, Olive Eggers, Ameraucana, and French Copper Marans.  

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The Narragansett is a heritage breed which descends from crosses of Eastern wild turkeys and domestic turkeys. Heritage breeds are known for biological fitness, foraging skills, and superior flavor.

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Our Products

Honeybadger Farms provides herbal blends for nesting boxes to create a calm, peaceful, zen state of mind with the aromas of three herbal blends of Zen Hen.  Many herbs have antibacterial, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties as well as being insect/rodent repellents.  

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